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Buy Best Quality Ayurveda Medicinal Herb Vetas (Salix caprea) from Asmi Ayurveda Consultancy and Herbals (Karnal, India) 

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Sanskrit Name - Vetas

Botanical Name - Salix caprea 

Family - Salicaceae

Common Names - Vetas, Vaanir, Vidul, Bedmushak, Goat Willow 

Vetas (Salix caprea)

Goat Willow has a very long history of use. It had been mentioned in ancient Egyptian and Sumerian texts, usually as a remedy against fevers and aches. It was also mentioned by Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician, as a powerful medicinal herb. Its active substance, salicin, is responsible for the plant’s medicinal properties. When taken internally, salicin converts to salicylic acid (the precursor of aspirin). Therefore, Goat Willow is an effective remedy for fevers, headaches, digestive disturbances and rheumatic pains. When used externally, it can be very helpful as a disinfectant and astringent in treatments of cuts and sores.