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Sanskrit Name - Soochi

Botanical Name - Atropa belladonna 

Family -Solanaceae

Common Names - Saag-Angoor, Angoorshafa, Suchi, Yebruk, Girbooti, Jhalakphal 

Soochi (Atropa belladonna)

Belladonna plant belongs to the Solanaceae family, which is known by different names, such as nightshade, atropa belladonna, deadly nightshade and devil’s cherry. Atropa belladonna is one of the most poisonous plants known, with all parts of the plant containing toxic atropine alkaloids. Atropa belladonna extracts have been used since ancient times as a cosmetic agent for dilation of the pupils, which made the ladies look beautiful (belladonna is the Italian word for “beautiful lady”). Belladonna is still in use due to its valuable alkaloid atropine, extracted from the roots of the plant. Atropine is a useful drug in different fields of medicine such as toxicology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology (as a painkiller), etc.

Belladonna is also used in medicine for its anti-inflammatory and sedative effects, as a muscle relaxant, relief from morning sickness & stomach cramps, for colds (dries up mucous membranes), treats some heart problems, it lessens irritability and pain, and is used as a lotion, ointment, plaster or liniment in cases of neuralgia, gout, arthritis, rheumatism sciatica and throbbing headaches. As a drug, it specially affects the brain and the bladder. It is used to check excessive secretions, to allay inflammation and to check the sweating of phthisis and other exhausting diseases. The plant can be used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, reducing tremors and rigidity whilst improving speech and mobility.

It is a powerful antispasmodic in intestinal colic and spasmodic asthma. It is given in the collapse of pneumonia, typhoid fever and other acute diseases. It increases the rate of the heart by some 20 to 40 beats per minute, without diminishing its force. It is of value in acute sore throat, and relieves local inflammation and congestion.

Taking belladonna orally is unsafe; it should be used with extreme caution and only under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

Possible side effects include dry mouth, blurred vision, fever, fast heartbeat, inability to urinate or sweat, hallucinations, spasms, mental problems, convulsions, and coma. In addition, belladonna may produce serious complications when taken by pregnant women and people with certain health conditions.

Homeopathic Belladonna, however, is safe to use as it is diluted to the extent that it does not contain any residual of actual plant juice to show any toxic side effect.