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Buy Best Quality Ayurveda Medicinal Herb Padmak (Prunus cerasoides) from Asmi Ayurveda Consultancy and Herbals (Karnal, India) 

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Sanskrit Name - Padmak

Botanical Name - Prunus cerasoides 

Family - Rosaceae

Common Names - Padamganthi, Padmak, Padmakh, Padamkaath, Bird Cherry, Wild Himalayan Cherry, Dwarf Cherry 

Padmak (Prunus cerasoides)

The fruit is astringent, and digestive. The juice of bark is applied externally to treat backaches. Also, dark grey to green dye can be obtained from the fruits. Heartwood is moderately hard, strong, aromatic, astringent, bitter, acrid, refrigerant, antipyretic and tonic. It is useful in vitiated conditions of pitta, burning sensations, sprains, wounds, ulcers. leprosy and skin decolourations. It has action similar to oliveOil and is used in emollient preparations including nourishing creams, skin creams and cold creams. Powered shell charcoal is used as tooth powder.