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Sanskrit Name - Nirgundi

Botanical Name - Vitex negundo 

Family - Verbenaceae

Common Names - samhalo, meudi, nigad, nagod, nishinda, tellavavili, nauchi, indrani, aslak, five leaved chaste 

Nirgundi (Vitex negundo)

Nirgundi or five-leaved chaste tree is medicinal herb which is used in preparation of many ayurvedic medicines. Nirgundi plant has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, bronchial relaxant and hepatoprotective activities.

Every part of this plant is used in form of powder, decoction,Oil, leaves paste for its medicinal qualities.  An adult can take its leaves juice(10-20 ml), decoction(50-100ml), leaves powder(1.5-3g) or dry leaves extract (300-600mg) as per requirement in a day.

Here are few remedies that can be done at home to cure various clinical conditions:

  • Sprain (Moch in hindi) 
    Heat fresh leaves. Apply poultice of it on sprained area.
  • Head ache 
    Take nirgundi leaves and grind with water to make paste. Apply this paste on forehead.
  • Abdominal gas and pain 
    Make decoction of its leaves and drink.
  • Fever, toothaches 
    Take Nirgundi leaves (6 tbsp) in water (2 glasses) and boil for 15 minutes. Filter the decoction and divide in three parts. Take thrice a day on gap of 4 hours.
  • Asthma, cough 
    Take 1/4th decoction three times a day (same as prepared for fever).
  • Ulcers, boils, wounds 
    Boil Nirgundi leaves in water and make decoction. Wash affected area with this decoction.