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Hair Loss and Premature Graying

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When we should be worried about the hair loss

Before we discuss about Ayurveda and the hair loss, It is necessary to tell that not always the hair fall from the head is a severe disease and a problem to concern about.

And when hair loss is due to a disease, it can happen in children, in men and in women, but not to worries it could be treated. In Ayurveda, the phenomenon of hair growth again are achieved through a special manner of Ayurvedic diet along with healing remedies that are completely natural, as well as with therapies that stimulate the body’s natural functions and purification, and with suitable yoga practices on day to day basis.

In Western medicine treatments, for example, laser treatment, as well as medications for the general ailment could be utilize. If the problem is in the thyroid gland, then synthetic remedies are adopted for the treatment to balance the functioning of the gland.

The hair grows on average for 3-4 years, and then develops place for other hairs to grow. Normally, 100-150 hairs fall on a day basis. Its Obvious, no one will count them, but one can easily notice if more hair stuck on the brush, comb, or clothes and this is a matter of concern.

There is also a simple way to notice. Hold the hair with fingers and pull with less force. If there are few hairs in your fingers, there is no worry. But if more falls, we have to be concern about hair loss.

Typically, men lose hair as the time passes and some of them become bald, and these are natural processes, though it is not necessarily true. Many men retain healthy hair density even when they are older in age.

In general, however, at the age of 50 years, over 80 percent of men experience hair thinning, as in women – every fourth one faces the problem from hair loss at a certain time of life. If the problem continues, bald spots may visible on the head, the scalp starts to permeate through the hair. The causes are always different, depending on internal and external functioning.

Causes of hair loss

The internal causes of hair loss are many diseases that negatively impact the density and hair growth. If there is a lack of vitamins in the body, particularly in the B group, the hair is narrow, fragile, less in strength. This deficiency may because of unfit nutrition or bad digestion due to problem in the digestive tract.

When there is a vitamin deficiency, the hair loss impacts the head as well, without any distinguish spots. Hair loss could also be because of iron deficiency and anemia, as usually the causes are  identical as in lack of vitamins.

Hair loss could also be due to scalp infections, hormonal disorders, autoimmune diseases where the action starts with small spots that expand as time passes, and other problems. Frequently, internal factors causing hair loss tells about the serious health problem that is taking place in the body. There are some cases where the underlying disease impacts more specific to the hair loss rather than the definite organ in which the ailment growing.

External factors comprises environmental pollution – industry-polluted air, high radiation, chemicals-related manufacturing. Here we can blame the bad habits that cause other body damage, which can negatively affect the hair growth. These include alcohol and cigarettes that harm the capillaries, and they start to function poorly and imbalance the nourishment of hair follicles.

Stress, anxiety, depressive conditions can also be the reason of hair loss. Various drugs also can cause this situation because they can incapacitate the hair roots – beta-blockers, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, etc. The use of excessive cosmetics, rapid change of hair color and hairstyle /curls, straightening/ can also harm the hair chemically and physically.

Hair loss according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is contradicting in general from Western medicine. The Ayurvedic treatment is completely safe, the changes are occurred naturally without the side effects of synthetic drugs. So we will learn the topic Ayurveda and the hair loss in several ways: how Ayurvedic people recognize the disease, what methods they use, and what treatment they apply.

According to Ayurveda, the diseases, hair loss as well, are also caused by an energy disturbances in the body. We are discussing about the three types of energies /forces/ biological changes through which the systems of the body functions. Through these forces, the various processes in the body exists.

The Pitta energy is accountable for the degradation of the intake food, its processing and the immersion of the nutrients from the cells, which is termed as– metabolism. All types of movements – from blinking to blood circulation and transmission of nerve impulses – is taken care by the Vata energy.

The constrain of the liquids is “entrusted” to Kapha dosha. These three forces takes place in different ratios and in a unique balance. The energy which is completely predominant determines the type of body – Pitta type, Vata or  Kapha, or collectively, if the predominance is two of the energies. It is very rare that the three biological entities are balanced and are in equal proportions.

If one of these energies goes out of balance, few systems cannot work accurately, and this causes diseases. Since these energies are correlated and dependent on one another in the balance, the disturbances in any of them leads to disturbance in others as well. This invites together a lot of diseases, and imbalances in different energies can leads to specific illness.

According to Ayurveda, hair loss is mainly taking place by imbalances in the Pitta Energy, which is to balance anyhow. However, as mentioned, hair loss may be because of some chronic illness or the use of synthetic medicines. Genetic factors may also play a part.

Hair loss and Ayurvedic diet

For energy balancing, nutrition also plays a vital role – any energy is activated or weakened by a specific type of diet. For Pitta it is recommended to consume hot, spicy, salty and sour food items. So part of the balancing of Pitta and treating hair loss is to ignore these food items.

It is also advised that there should be no high consumption of coffee and tea because they aggravate Pitta. It is also aggravated by oily and fried food items. Ayurveda therefore recommends the intake of cooling food items such as cucumbers, leafy vegetables, asparagus, potatoes, pumpkin, peppermint, coriander leaves, cherry, pineapple, yoghurt. However, ice cold drinks should be strictly avoided because they are harmful to digestion phenomenon.

Since the treatment is different for everyone, the Ayurveda physician advises for each specific case a different diet. At his discretion, a natural sanitizing of the body of toxins is treated externally and internally according to the therapies of Purvakarma and Panchkarma. It is especially essential to clear toxins from the intestinal tract as they are proved to be accountable for the hair loss.  

Hair loss and Ayurveda massages

To control hair loss, the head skin should be neat and well-nourished.

Moreover, Ayurveda advises natural products to be used for hair, not those products with chemical compounds. It is very common dandruff and foam to block the hair follicles if the hair is not taken care of accurately. In this case, the massage with healing ayurvedic oils is very beneficial as well as the robust combing.

In general, oily massages should be done in the evening to permit the nourishing mixture to stay on head for longer during the night. Traditionally coconut oil is taken in use, but also almond, sesame and olive oil could also be used. In general the oils also consist extracts of herbs for nourishment. Hot Ayurvedic massages assist the scalp circulation, which encourage growth from the hidden hair follicles.  

The oils themselves assist the roots of the hair to muscle and thus control further hair loss. For massage use 100 ml of oil (say almond), you can mix it with rosemary – 30-40 drops, thyme, lavender, lemon oil. The oil is poured, rubbed into the scalp to open the follicles and scope for hair grow.

The skin is massaged with the fingers that expand the oil circularly clockwise with small motion from the forehead to the neck and then from one ear to the other ear. The duration of the massage can be as per your choice according to the length and strength of the hair. Washing is done with ayurvedic shampoos that extract excess oil without drying the hair and scalp which should be prevented to control hair loss.

Hair drying itself can also be taken place naturally. After drying, the scalp is rubbed softly with a small cloth until the skin changes to pink. Then, use a cotton fabric to build the hair smooth and dry, until no water drops fall out of the hair. The hair is then covered in another cotton fabric to become entirely dry.

Combing should be smooth, without pulling and hair damage. Movements should be from the forehead to the top, from one ear to the other, and from the back of the head to the top till the hair becomes smooth and dry. Of course, the effect of hair strengthening is not immediate, but it requires complex procedures can take several weeks or months as per how much damage has been done.  

Ayurvedic remedies against hair loss

Аyurveda has different types of nourishing methods extracted from nature that help against hair fall. They are used in many forms – ways for rubbing, powdered, repairing for the damaged areas, for indoor intake, etc. Some are utilized in massage oils, others, such as amla, shikakai and soap walnut, are present in the special ayurvedic shampoos and are so much beneficial.

Amla is used not only in shampoos, but also in many ways. The plant is a natural antioxidant, it sanitizes and tones the scalp, hair, skin, strengthens the follicles, prevents entanglement, and many more. Triphala acts as a balancing agent for the three energies, assists to clean the body from toxins, helps to solve many skin disease and much more diseases.

Fenugreek seeds are one of the most effective treatment against hair fall. In addition to many other beneficial ingredients, fenugreek also has lecithin. This substance strengthens the hair roots, hydrates it, changes it to shining hairs. Fenugreek seeds can be soaked or or as sprouts, with a fenugreek mask especially beneficial for hair in normal routine as well.

Prepare a smooth paste by blending 2 spoonfuls of seeds that was soaked for one night in cool water. A spoon of lemon juice or coconut milk can be mixed to it, then applied for 20 minutes on the roots of the hairs. The oiled scalp is massaged lightly, then washed with ayurvedic shampoo and feel the difference.

One more herb used against hair loss is the licorice, which also  controls for “falling” hair and dandruff. It unlock the pores and permits nutrients to penetrate properly into the scalp. It has a soothing effect, controls the irritation that cause depleted dry hair. The list can be persisted with leaves of curry, henna and many more.

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