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What is Frigidity ?

The term 'frigidity' explains a long-term lack of sexual experience and response. Even though this problem can impact both the sexes, it is more common applied to women.

The factors could be among psychological, physiological or pathological. Psychological factors could be guilt about sexual involvement, anxiety, fear, depression, stress, past sexual abuse, or differences between the partners. Physiological factors could be menstrual cycles, pregnancy, lactation, postnatal period, menopause, injury to the pelvic region, or birth control pills/hormones changes in the body.



- In the menopausal age, these cases are common.
- Hormonal differences going on in the mind.
- There may be a history of sexual abuse or trauma that causes the women to have such fear and frigidity for sexuality.
- Frighten
- Stress
- Pregnancy
- Depression

Frigidity in women may consist a strong dislike of sexual activity and problem becoming aroused. Some women may suffer pain with sexual activity or intercourse and very less pleasure in the activity. Frigidity is a kind of sexual dysfunction in women and was came across to be largely due to other psychological problems. Modern research has opened possible physical reasons which may include anxiety, depression, changes connected to menopause, communication differences with partner, impact to nerves due to surgery and most often fear of ache, infection or being pregnant. Some women on the name of frigidity have been come across to have feelings of guilt and shame about sex, history of sexual abuse, infection or gynecological disease, lack of appropriate stimulation, lack of lubrication, medication, stress or Tension.

The root cause behind frigidity is complete absence of sexual desire and an inability to feel pleasure in sexual mating. Frigidity is commonly due to psychic cause. There is a feeling of guilt, fear, depression and a sense of inferiority or differences with one's partner. Some past unfortunate experience and lack of information often lays the groundwork for the problem of frigidity.

Conflict or difference in point of view within the relationship is another vital factor. It has been noticed that a couple is always arguing or fighting and it can cause problems in sexual activities. A major turn-off is the stress when it brings to sex. Occasional tensions are natural and these can become exaggerated when more focuses is put on the physical side of love-making, instead of emotional. It is obvious that fatigue and worries about many things in life can affect libido or sex urge in women.

Other reasons of frigidity may include having been sexually molested as a child and over dependence on parents and some health diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and etc. Since the relationship between the woman and her partner has proved significant problems of frigidity, most treatment methods are designed to be implemented by the partners. However, the treatment is mainly emphasized on women, her diet and lifestyle on day to day basis. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be minimized. Sex drive in females can be increased with the high intake of spices like fennel, parsley, sage, and anise. Some physicians also recommend increasing the intake of fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices, almonds, raisins, figs and prunes.

An Ayurvedic medication includes of restoring the health of the person by recommendation of natural herbs. These herbs assist to serve as rejuvenating tonics. Herbal treatments strengthen the mind and heal the imbalances at a mental level. There are many herbal remedies for frigidity in women that can increase the libido. The natural herbs used in the herbal remedies not only enhances the desire for lovemaking, but also enhances the pleasures of sexual characteristics. These remedies assist to improve the overall health of the woman by reinforce the organs of the body. Some effective herbal remedies for frigidity in women assist to enhances the pleasures of intimate time. In Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is treated as the vital  vajikarana rasayana. It builds up the sexual potency and is used in the medicaments of infertility, impotence and frigidity.


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine that utilizes herbs existing in the nature and compose herbal remedies using the inherent endurance there in these natural herbs. We in Ayurveda believe that herbal theory brings to you the abundance of the herbs in a natural, original form. These amalgamation help improve immunity and provide strength, power and will.

Ayurveda utilizes the inherent power of unaltered herbs to get wonderful results on the human body. The herbs are original and 100% safe. Ayurveda assists to naturally enhance the body functioning in an natural way. The herbs for frigidity in women assist to treat the psychological and physical barrier the woman has developed in a natural and healthy way. The herbs in Ayurveda emphasize on the mind in a herbal way and assist the sex glands excrete appropriate hormones in the body that lubricate the female reproductive system and make her ready in a natural comfortable manner to be intercourse with her partner.

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