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Anxiety Disorder

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Anxiety DisrordersAyurvedic treatment of Anxiety Disorder - medicines, home remedies and diet charts

Anxiety Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is psychological condition in which the patient panics quite frequently and often without any initial warning signs, suffers from social anxiety, feel excessively self-conscious and is worried about unrealistic problems - so patient is absolutely not in a comfortable state of mind. Anxiety disorders can last for six months or more and can affect normal activities, job performance and relationships and its this very reason why there are so many cases of social discord among people in todays world. Patients with anxiety disorders worry excessively about their health, money & career among other things and most of these worries are absolutely irrational and without any reality. Some common symptoms of anxiety disorder are restlessness, fatigue, irritability, muscular aches, insomnia/sleep disorders, abdominal upsets, dizziness, irritability and poor concentration and all these signs are very much common in all these patients of Anxiety Disorders. At nakra ayurveda hospitals and herbals pvt ltd. , Anxiety Disorder treatment begins with first identifying the root-cause of the disease and based on that a personalized course of treatment is designed so patients can achieve holistic health benefits with soon and with ease. You are welcome to contact Nakra Ayurveda Hospitals and Herbals Pvt Ltd to avail our Free Online Ayurveda Consultation for Anxiety Disorder.

Causes of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder can be caused by an underlying health problem such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disorders, alcoholism, IBS or hereditary - thus all these signs must be looked upon by physician and accordingly a precise diagnosis be confirmed. Other known causes are past trauma, mental health problems and life experiences so patients must also share all past history as well in detail so physician can understand the chronic nature of ailment.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

  • - Nausea

  • - Palpitations

  • - Sleep disturbances

  • - Breathlessness

  • - Dry mouth

  • - Feeling of panic, fear & uneasiness

  • - Cold or sweaty extremities

Ayurvedic Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety Disorder treatment in Ayurveda medicinal science takes a comprehensive view of an individual's physical, emotional and spiritual conditions so its a complete holistic treatment approach and quite successful as well on many aspects. These attributes have an effect on prana vata, a subsidiary of vata dosha which become aggravated with worry, anxiety and depression because vata is the prime culprit here and thus vata carries significance in treatment protocols as well. Prana vata weakens the nervous system and triggers mental imbalance which results in development of all these signs and so patients must not be left alone. It also weakens the neuro-hormonal system and nerve impulses which can raise complications of next level. Ayurvedic treatment of anxiety disorder would involve curbing aggravated prana vata and increasing sattva guna, which envisages a stable and peaceful mind through self-realization and self-control, and appropriate changes in diet and lifestyle so we can say absolutely that for all patients suffering from Anxiety Disorders, ayurveda medicinal science holds very promising results.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice for Patients of Anxiety Disorder

  • - Fresh fruits, fruit juices, vegetables (raw or cooked or boiled), vegetable juices, sprouts, nuts, dry fruits, honey, milk, ghee, fresh butter, and buttermilk are the best to increase sattva and enrich the mind because all these cool vata down and also normalize the dosha cellular physiology in our body so they certainly should be encouraged always for such kinds of patients. Try to cut down, or if possible stop, the use of black tea, coffee, white flour products, chocolates, white sugar products, deep fried foods, hot spices, meat, fish, and eggs because all these cause an increase in the vata dosha and thus harmful for the patients. Such restrictions benefit in anxiety disorders and patients should follow these advice with sincerity for best health benefits.

  • - Breathing exercises are also very vital for patients of anxiety disorder: Mind has a very close relation with breathing as has been well documented in our texts. A person has short and shallow breathing when anxious or stressed and has deep breathing when relaxed and happy so try to make oneself relaxed and calm while going through bouts of anxiety. Next time you become stressed, watch your breathing and then do the best of your efforts to slow it down. Take a relaxed position and breathe deep using the abdomen muscles as it certainly shall help a lot on many aspects. 

Home Remedies for Anxiety Disorders

  • - Take grated fresh coconut 10g, paste of 2-3 soaked almonds (soaked for 6 to 7 hours and peeled), powdered fennel seeds 5g , black pepper powder 2g, and powdered rock candy or raw sugar 20g and its very vital to take the precise quanitties of all these materials as its vital towards good health being. Mix all the ingredients and drink with saffron milk while the milk to be in lukewarm temperature. To prepare saffron milk, soak 5 to 6 threads of saffron in one teaspoon of milk for 5 to 6 hours and its the best possible remedy with almost instant results. Chew well and eat because chewing well increases the digestive capacity.

  • - Have 1 teaspoonful of licorice root powder with water empty stomach in the morning and yes patient can first do brushing in the morning and then have the remedy. This is mentioned as a medhya rasayana in Ayurveda i.e. a mind rejuvenator so patients should also follow this home remedy for anxiety disorders with sincerity. 

  • - Add some fresh rose petals in a cup of boiling water so the medicinal properties are absorbed. Keep it aside till it is lukewarm and comfrtable enough to drink. Add ½ teaspoonful of sugar to it and have this twice a day and also sugar can be avoided as per taste of patient. This is a good drink to uplift mood and feel positive all the day.

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